February 19, 2010
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Estate Planning for Email, Twitter, Facebook and Other Online Accounts
by Agnieszka K. Adams, Bridget McInerney Harris

We advise that clients consider the management of their online accounts when planning their estate. The disability or death of an account holder will immediately affect the various accounts of that individual. Who will respond to email, alerts or general correspondence? In general, the terms of the service agreement of the on-line provider will control access and termination. An informal solution may include leaving instructions and account passwords with a friend or family member. Alternatively, they may leave the instructions and/or authorizations in their estate planning documents. A durable power of attorney specifically delineating the power to access on-line accounts should be considered to allow the agent to manage these accounts during the disability of the account holder.

For further information, please contact Bridget McInerney Harris or Agnieszka Adams.

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