October 12, 2011
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Two Weeks Until .XXX Domain Sunrise Period Closes
by Cyrus Wadia

The new .XXX top-level domain is meant for the online adult entertainment business, but there is nothing preventing the usual onslaught of cybersquatters from hijacking your business, brand, or blog name through registration of those names with a .XXX extension. Brand owners with registered trademarks have just two weeks to opt their brand name out of the .xxx system, forever.
The new domain extension was meant to be a tool to differentiate sites with adult material from other websites. Unlike other domain extensions, however, the .XXX has a connotation that several brand owners may not want to be associated with. Acknowledging that potential problem, registrars are permitting a "Sunrise B" period in which non-adult trademark owners can apply for a permanent block of their name.XXX for a on-time fee (a few hundred dollars). The Sunrise B registration deadline is October 28, 2011, and is limited to those trademarks that were granted before September 1, 2011.
For owners of businesses, brands or blogs who do not qualify for or apply for registration of their name.XXX before the deadline, the "landrush" for general registration of .XXX extensions opens on December 6, 2011, but registration at that point will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, unlike with pre-Sunrise B applications, the general .XXX registrations will be subject to an annual fee.
For further information about registration in this .XXX top level domain, please contact Cyrus Wadia.
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