October 18, 2012
Intellectual Property Alerts

DOJ Grants $2.4 Million to Prevent Intellectual Property Crime
by Cyrus Wadia

Earlier this month, the U.S.  Department of Justice announced more than $2.4 million in grants to 13 jurisdictions throughout the country to combat intellectual property theft, primarily the purchase and sale of counterfeit and pirated products.

Over the past 3 years, the DOJ has awarded $10,108,800 in grants to 34 law enforcement agencies, and a total of $13,383,002 in grants to fight IP theft. The grants are meant to assist local jurisdictions to enforce "criminal laws related to IP theft, through improving their ability to enforce, investigate, prosecute and implement prevention initiatives that address IP crimes," according to the DOJ press release. The grants will be used for any reimbursement costs accrued from enforcing preventative operations such as training, overtime, and equipment.

Jurisdictions receiving grants include Baltimore County, Maryland; Austin, Texas; Central Point, Ore.; Cook County, Ill.; Orlando, Fla.; Riverside County, Calif.; Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office; New York County District Attorney’s Office; Sacramento County, Calif.; San Antonio; the California Department of Justice; St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department; and the Virginia State Police.

“IP theft is not a victimless crime. It can devastate lives and businesses as well as undermine our nation’s financial stability, jeopardize the health of our citizens, and even threaten our national security,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “That's why the Justice Department is fighting back with these new investments to prevent and combat IP theft by enabling some of our key state and local partners to build on their records of success.”

**Mr. Wadia recognizes Jewelyn Mendoza's assistance in the preparation of this alert.

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