On Thursday, January 31, 2008, the California Public Utilities Commission held its regularly-scheduled agenda meeting. The telecommunications-related items on the agenda are summarized below:


  • Hornitos Telephone Company Customer Notice and Education Plan (CNEP) Approved – Res T-17130 (Item 3, adopted on consent agenda) — This resolution authorizes Hornitos to implement a CNEP as a condition precedent to passage of Calling Party Numbers. Based on concerns that Caller-ID services harm customer privacy interests, the CPUC imposed a requirement that Hornitos will not be allowed to begin passing CPN until it has received a 70% return of blocking request option ballot from its customers. Hornitos must also report the level of customers’ awareness levels achieved by its educational efforts to the Director of the Communications Division on or before May 19, 2008. A copy of the final resolution adopting these requirements is available at the following link: http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/PUBLISHED/FINAL_RESOLUTION/78336.htm.

  • Legal Division Granted Authority to Comment in the FCC’s Commercial Mobile Alert System Docket (Item 30, adopted on consent agenda) — The CPUC granted authority to the Legal Division to file comments in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 07-214), rel. December 14, 2007 in PS Docket No. 07-287. In the NPRM, The FCC seeks comment on the recommendation of the Commercial Mobile Service Alert Advisory Committee regarding technical standards for a Commercial Mobile Alert System.


  • Legal Division seeks authority to comment in the FCC’s Pole Attachment Docket (Item 31, Held until 2/14) — The CPUC held to its next meeting a decision as to whether to permit the Legal Division to file comments in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 07-187), rel. Nov. 20, 2007, in WC Docket No. 07-245. In that NPRM, the FCC seeks comment in order to consider comprehensively the appropriate changes, if any, to its implementation of Section 224 based on nearly a decade of experience with the pole attachment rules.


  • Freeda Kapor Klein Nominated to California ALL Board — Commissioners Peevey and Simon jointly announced the nomination of Freada Kapor Klein as consensus board member to California ALL, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the diversity of workers available to utilities and other companies by ensuring that the education pipeline is filled with all members of California’s diverse community. The CPUC is a founding member of California ALL.

  • Chong Reports on Governor’s Broadband Task Force — Commissioner Chong announced the recent release of the Governor’s Broadband Task Force Report. Per Commissioner Chong, the Report’s good news is that 96% of households have access to broadband, but that 1.4 million people (the other 4%) do not have access to broadband. Commissioner Chong also indicated that the newly adopted California Advanced Services Fund will help to meet that unserved need. She also stated that the Report verified several principles, namely the importance of broadband adoption, broadband affordability and on making broadband applications relevant to those who do not believe such applications are relevant.

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