Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) will hold its 2012 Americas Regional Meeting on March 29-31, 2012, at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco for 70 delegates from North, Central and South America. San Francisco LAW member, Cooper, White & Cooper LLP, is the host of the meeting.

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) is a global association of over 100 independent law firms located in more than 180 major commercial centres throughout the world. Membership in LAW allows member firms to service the legal needs of clients that are expanding their operations and relationships into new domestic and foreign markets because of the increasing globalization of the business world.

The regional meeting will focus on collaboration for lawyers to gain competitive advantage. Organizational psychology expert, Rebecca Turner, Ph.D., will be presenting a session, “Seeking Competitive Advantage through Attorney Collaboration inside the Firm.” Dr. Turner is Professor of Organizational Psychology, CSPP, Alliant International University, and Turner Consulting Group LLC. A panel of experts in organizational psychology and development will run this session with Dr. Turner. The discussions will focus on a pre-conference survey of anonymous case examples collected from LAW members in the Americas region. This session will be about getting beyond the barriers and moving into action – the focus being on how to do it. 

“A New Era: The Trends, Benefits, and Risks in Legal Outsourcing” will be presented by LAW San Diego member and attorney, Heather Rosing. Rosing is a certified specialist in Legal Malpractice Law by the State Bar of California. She is presenting along with Mark Ross, current Vice President of Legal Solutions at Integreon. He is a preeminent authority and thought leader in the field of legal outsourcing and a recognized expert on the Ethics of Legal Outsourcing.

Lawyers from Cooper, White & Cooper have a significant role in the conference agenda.  Kristen Thall Peters will present a program entitled “Green 101.”  Drew Dilworth will explain cross-border legal ethics.  Bill Norman and Bob Ebe will talk about getting the most out of the arbitration process.

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