From CEB: “Learn how real property remedies work in the real world. Get practice tips about tactical and strategic considerations. What are the remedies for contract disputes and for disputes involving title issues or an infringement of property rights, and what are the problems associated with enforcement? What kinds of damages are recoverable for each remedy, and what are their limitations? Are there other considerations, like potential insurance coverage or liability for attorney’s fees? What happens if some parties are bound by arbitration agreements and others are not?

Get up to date on the law, and get the type of practical information that will help you choose the real property remedies that work best for your clients. Assumes no prior experience in real property litigation and remedies.

Program Highlights:

Contract issues

  • breach of contract
  • fraud and nondisclosure
  • specific performance (including lis pendens)
  • rescission
  • reformation

Title issues

  • slander of title
  • quiet title
  • partition
  • cancellation of instruments

Infringement of property rights

  • nuisance and trespass
  • landslide and subsidence issues

Potential for insurance coverage

  • liability insurance
  • title insurance


  • mediation
  • contractual arbitration
  • judicial arbitration

Attorney’s fees

Event Details

Start Date: December 9, 2005Location: San Francisco, CAAttorney(s): William H.G. NormanAdditional Event Details