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Environmental regulation entered a new world with the election of President Barack Obama.  New environmental laws have been enacted, new environmental regulations have been promulgated, and courts have issued precedent-setting environmental decisions.  Even with all of these recent changes, the regulatory agenda of the Obama Administration and Congress remains robust.  Significant new regulations or legislation and other initiatives are anticipated in the fields of climate change, chemicals regulation, disaster response, air and water regulation, vapor intrusion and other areas important to the business community.

This program focuses on recent regulatory developments in the environmental arena and new changes that are on the horizon.  The program provides insights on how corporations manage compliance in a dynamic new regulatory environment.  Seasoned practitioners, senior government officials and experienced environmental consultants will provide practical advice on new regulatory requirements and managing in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.

What you will learn


  • The proposed and actual, effective changes in laws and regulations dealing with climate change, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and other environmental statutes.
  • The brewing changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act, the regulation of nanotechnology and related chemicals issues.
  • New initiatives in the fields of vapor intrusion, remediation and disaster response.
  • The impact of these sweeping changes on corporate compliance: how well managed corporations maintain compliance and plan for the future in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.

Event Details

Start Date: April 6, 2011Location: San Francisco, CAAttorney(s): Mark L. TuftAdditional Event Details