Cooper associates Sarah Banola and Scott McLeod will be co-presenting an upcoming human resources webinar on exemptions from overtime under state and federal law. The webinar is scheduled for August 2, 2011 from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Excerpts from Employer Resource Institute:

You’ll learn:

  • The specific industries and positions the plaintiffs’ bar and government agencies are honing in on
  • How “white collar” exemptions in California differ from the federal rules
  • Why many seemingly exempt positions – including certain analysts, managers, specialists, and salespeople – aren’t
  • Why “industry practices” don’t insulate you from liability (and some staggering recent judgments that graphically illustrate this)
  • Which managers and assistant managers qualify for the executive exemption, and how to strengthen their exempt status
  • Why it’s now harder than ever to successfully establish the administrative exemption
  • The limited scope of the computer professional exemption at both the state and federal level, and why the classification of IT workers poses unique challenges
  • Why paying employees a fixed salary is not sufficient to guarantee their exempt status – and what you need to focus on instead
  • Why your “inside” salespeople aren’t exempt – and how to best structure your “outside” sales positions
  • The importance of involving counsel in wage and hour audits
  • Your organization’s responsibilities and options if misclassifications are discovered, including strategies for communicating with your workforce about status changes

Event Details

Start Date: August 2, 2011End Date: January 1, 1900Location: Employer Resource Institute WebinarAttorney(s): Scott M. McLeodAdditional Event Details