Cooper litigation partner Stephen Kaus will be speaking at the Oregon Bar Association program, Online Smear and Infringement Campaigns, Detecting, Responding, and Brand Protection. Mr. Kaus will address defenses available under the First Amendment and the Communications Decency Act, which grants immunity to Internet service providers and users who republish the words of others.

A team of Cooper, White & Cooper attorneys, led by Mr. Kaus, successfully defended an online defamation suit brought in Oregon Federal Court last year.  That case, Higher Balance Institute v. Quantum Future Group Inc., involved online forum posts that allegedly defamed a self-proclaimed guru who had recently been acquitted of criminal charges. CWC brought a successful motion under Oregon’s anti-SLAPP statute and won a pre-discovery dismissal and attorney’s fees.

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Start Date: September 17, 2010Location: Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard, ORAdditional Event Details