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This CLE webinar will provide guidance to counsel for parties involved in renewable projects on negotiating ancillary agreements to power purchase agreements. The panel will review key terms and provisions, discuss how the different types of renewable energy affect the agreements, and explain permitting issues.


The power purchase agreement (PPA) defines the relationship between parties involved in renewable energy projects. Once the PPA is in place, parties must negotiate a number of ancillary agreements to implement projects.
Counsel to facility developers and property owners must consider a variety of factors and risks in planning a renewable energy facility. Ancillary agreements related to the facility include the parent guarantee and land contracts. The parties must also address permitting issues.

As the renewable energy community continues to grow, these negotiations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Companies and counsel must carefully negotiate the ancillary agreements to the PPA to allocate risk among the parties.

Listen as our authoritative panel of energy attorneys examines the ancillary agreements to a PPA and key terms and provisions. The panel will also review how the different types of renewable energy affect the agreements, discuss permitting issues that must be addressed, and offer strategies for negotiating the ancillary agreements.


  1. Land contracts
    1. Site leases
    2. Licenses
    3. Subleases or sublicenses
    4. Access, ROW and easement agreements
    5. Security agreements
  2. Permitting issues
    1. Building
    2. CUPs/LUPs
    3. Environmental
  3. Strategies for negotiation


The panel will review these and other key questions:

  • What are the critical provisions of the different ancillary agreements for the parties involved?
  • What environmental issues will impact obtaining a permit for a renewable energy facility?
  • What strategies can parties and counsel employ to allocate risks and benefits in the ancillary agreements?

Following the speaker presentations, you’ll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.

Kristen Thall Peters, Partner
Cooper White & Cooper, San Francisco and Walnut Creek, Calif.
She co-chairs the firm’s Green Practice Group and practices real estate, land use and environmental law. She counsels energy companies in development and contractual matters, including the drafting of contracts for power purchase, purchase and sale of environmental attributes, including renewable energy credit and carbon credits, and the development, financing, and restructuring of power projects.
Gregory D. Chafee, Of Counsel
Morris Manning & Martin, Atlanta
He advises on renewable energy projects, cleantech innovation and investment, and sustainability programs, policies and initiatives. He has negotiated and structured complex transactions involving electrical production, natural gas transmission, and the generation of energy from biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, waste-to-energy and other renewable resources.

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Start Date: January 26, 2011Location: Webinar/TeleconferenceAttorney(s): Kristen Thall PetersAdditional Event Details