Don’t miss the upcoming Webinar, “Renewable Energy Projects: Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements.” The power purchase agreement (PPA) is a critical and highly complex component of any renewable energy project. Cooper Partner Kristen Thall Peters is part of an expert panel of leading attorneys experienced in negotiating PPAs. This informative Webinar will cover the key terms, including the adaptation of the traditional PPA to different type of renewable energy projects. The webinar will also include and strategies for effectively negotiating the agreements. Given the current regulatory and legislative focus on renewable energy, thoughtful negotiation of long-term PPAs—integral to obtaining financing for projects—is a key initial step. A PPA must encompass the current regulatory environment and contain anticipatory language to capture future regulatory regimes. It must also include provisions to lock in price and quantity and meet renewable power standards (RPS), now in effect in 28 states. To learn more or to sign up, please see the link below.

Event Details

Start Date: December 10, 2009Location: Webinar/TeleconferenceAttorney(s): Kristen Thall PetersAdditional Event Details