Cooper partner Kathleen Carpenter is one of the featured speakers at California Homebuilding Foundation’s (CHF) seminar on Responding to Attorney Solicitation/SB800 Updates and Advanced Techniques for Claims Handling.  Topics include the following, from the CHF website:

Responding to Attorney Solicitation(Part 1):
Are attorneys carpet-bombing your projects and homebuyers with solicitation letters asking them to “sign on” to a lawsuit? Do you have existing projects or homebuyers that could be subject to solicitations by attorneys?

Plaintiff attorney’s attempts to sign-up homeowners for construction defect claims are increasing in the Central Valley. Don’t let a plaintiff attorney get between you and your customer over a problem that can be resolved informally by the original parties.

SB 800 Updates and Advanced Techniques for Claims Handling (Part 2):
California’s right to Repair Law is a powerful tool… if the builder manages the process the right way! This class will focus on two aspects; how to handle a claim before an attorney becomes involved and how to maintain control over the process once attorneys get involved. This seminar will spend a little time on the basics of SB 800, but focus on the experience of builders, trades and attorneys over the last few years and provide helpful tips to take full advantage of the SB 800 process.

Event Details

Start Date: December 2, 2009Location: LampLiter Inn, 3300 Mineral King Avenue, Visalia, CA 93291Additional Event Details