The Town of Apple Valley in San Bernardino County, California has introduced a proposed cable television franchise grant to Verizon California, Inc., providing for cable service via the same FTTP system Verizon has positioned as a Title II telecommunications system it can install without a cable franchise in order to provide telecoms service in the same area. The proposed cable franchise action was introduced at the City Council meeting this week with a final reading set for mid-November.

Among the notable features of the “competitively neutral” franchise are:

  • a 15-year term;
  • initial 2% franchise fee gradually rising over time;
  • build-out to the portion of the City selected by the franchisee, with later, full-city buildout after 5 years – unless the franchisee decides not to;
  • gross revenues for franchise fees, to exclude numerous items including program launch fees, certain affiliate transactions, and directory and Internet ad revenue (sec. 1.17.11).

The Verizon franchise will be nonexclusive with the existing Charter cable franchise in the fast-growing exurban community. Follow the link to the City’s staff report and franchise document.

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