Cooper’s Real Estate Solutions Group offers expertise in handling the issues being raised in the nation’s current housing, finance, banking, and real estate industry turmoil.  Staffed by attorneys who are fully experienced in transactional and regulatory counseling, jury trials and complex litigation, bankruptcy, banking, and publicly traded securities, the Group stands ready to assist a wide variety of clients during these difficult times.  Immediately responsive and pursuing aggressive action plans, we have consistently produced highly successful results.  Here are some of our more notable engagements:

  • Representation of both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Mortgage Backed Security fraud lawsuits, including a multimillion dollar Superior Court Judgment in favor of our client after trial.
  • Defense of civil claims against appraisers, real estate brokers, and mortgage brokers for alleged kickbacks, professional negligence, securities fraud, and RESPA violations.
  • Defense of title company officers in alleged escrow account diversion schemes, alleged violations of federal banking regulations and alleged service tying arrangements (both civil and criminal litigation), and in respect to qui tam claims.
  • Defense of numerous civil class action lawsuits arising out of allegedly fraudulent real property escrows, including a successful Superior Court jury trial.
  • Representation of lending institutions, including national and community banks, in problem loan workouts, mortgage repurchase claims, inflated appraisal accusations, and enforcement of guarantees.
  • Ongoing counseling of lenders, purchasers, and borrowers in connection with real property foreclosures and forbearance agreements.
  • Extensive representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representation of governmental agencies in post-seizure bank liquidations.
  • Successful prosecutions (including jury trials) of claims against, as well as in defense of, real estate developers and real estate-invested LLCs and their general partners for breaches of fiduciary duty.
  • Continuing advice to client on banking, finance, regulatory, securities, and secured transaction matters.

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