Cooper lawyers represent broadcast television stations, radio stations, station groups in major, medium and smaller markets in many U.S. states, broadband providers and print media. We represent cable television multiple system operators and broadband cable systems including three of the top six U.S. MSOs, and cable systems throughout California and the western United States.

CWC also represents a major metropolitan daily newspaper and numerous other publishers of newspapers, magazines, books and other print and electronic publications, as well as many authors and creators of published material. Our representation includes:

  • Antenna Towers and Siting. Cooper’s lawyers represent owners and users of telecommunications tower and antenna facilities, including the principal broadcast towers in two of the top five U.S. markets (Chicago and San Francisco) and broadcast, cellular and other wireless tower owners and users throughout the western United States. Cooper lawyers advise on all aspects of tower and antenna real estate, land use and siting issues, management, leasing, licensing and operating issues for major and multi- user facilities, and digital and wireless issues.
  • Cable Television and Broadband. Full spectrum representation including cable franchising, telecommunications licensing and permitting, easements, access to property, MDUs, marketing, consumer protection, privacy, pole attachments and conduit access, franchise fees, franchise transfers, franchise renewals, construction matters, taxation, operations, employment, competition, pricing, class actions, cable modem and Internet service issues.
  • Corporate and Business. Our representation of media clients includes the full range of business and litigation services needed for the opportunities and challenges of a relentless business environment. These services include corporate and business representation, contracts and licensing, financing and securities transactions, equipment leasing, trademarks, copyright and intellectual property (IP), labor and employment, advertising and marketing, governmental licensing and regulation, antitrust counseling and controversies, distribution and competition, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, environmental, insurance, bankruptcy and creditors rights, and litigation, trials and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Books. Publishing contracts, licensing, copyrights and intellectual property, production and distribution contracts and issues, specialty in newsrack regulation, competitive issues, newsgathering and reporting, pre-publication review, libel and defamation counsel and defense, contests and promotions, sales and marketing, labor and employment, defense of claims, antitrust issues, Joint Operating Agreements, operations, purchase and sale.
  • Television & Radio. Cooper’s lawyers provide the full range of services needed by television and radio broadcasters including in advertising, sales, consumer protection and disclosure requirements, political, campaign and issue advertising, FCC licensing and compliance (including relationships with top FCC counsel in Washington, D.C. for access when needed), contests and promotions including FCC and state compliance, labor and employment matters, talent contracts and personal services contracts with on-air personnel, newsgathering and reporting matters, investigative journalism, pre-broadcast review, and libel and defamation counseling and defense.

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