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Federal, state and law enforcement agencies have recently increased their investigation and prosecution of businesses and executives. Cooper lawyers have represented individuals and businesses in federal and state criminal investigations and prosecutions for over 28 years, and advised companies regarding internal investigations, compliance programs, and strategizing regarding responses to governmental inquiries. Several Cooper attorneys have served as state and federal public defenders, and we have extensive trial experience in a wide range of criminal law matters ranging from criminal antitrust investigations, to securities, tax and financial fraud, environmental crimes, criminal conspiracies, and federal and state regulatory matters.  Representative matters Cooper has handled in this area include:

  • United States vs. a Corporation – represented lead contractor and joint venture in first criminal manslaughter indictment against corporations in California arising out of an industrial accident. Charges against joint venture were dismissed on motion; charges against corporation were dismissed under a civil compromise agreement.
  • United States vs. a Corporation – representation of telecommunication company in federal grand jury investigation resulting in no indictment
  • United States vs. an Individual – defense of manager of statewide title insurance company in multi-count indictment.
  • United States vs. an Individual – reversal of judgment of conviction on appeal.
  • United States vs. an Individual – acquittal in jury trial for violations of federal regulatory laws.
  • United States vs. an Individual – dismissal of interstate gambling conspiracy charges against stock broker.
  • United States vs. an Individual – defense of federal fraud prosecution against international businessman.
  • United States vs. an Individual – defense of individual in multimillion dollar bank fraud indictment.
  • United States vs. an Individual – reversal of conviction following trial of bank fraud charges against former professional football player and business owner.
  • People vs. an Individual – represent former president of national company in grand jury investigation for allegations of corruption and fraud, no charges brought.
  • People vs. an Individual – defended manager of multi-national corporation for criminal charges arising from alleged over-billing practices.

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